• Bidder registration

    For new bidders of ATC JAPAN AUCTION, please register with your ID and copy of business permits/DTI.
    If you are not register our bidder registration yet, this registration form is convenient for you. Because you are ready to bid in our auction quickly.

    * Condition of auction participation, see the Auction Policy page.
    * If you don't have business permits/DTI, service charge will be 12%.

    Bidder registration
  • Bidder entry

    Bidder entry fee is 3,000 pesos.
    It will be offset back to you by your payment after bidding more than 3,000pesos.

    Bidder entry
  • Bidding

    You can join biddin with your bidder number card after entry.

    * Only the people who has bidder are allowed to go inside of auction house due to regulation for covid-19.

  • Payment

    Please give your bidder number card to reception after finish bidding.
    Your all bidded items have be computed and invoice will be issued.

    Bidder entry
  • Pullout Items

    Pullout the items and load it to your vehicle after finishing payment completely.
    While pullouting the items, auction staff verify with invoice.
    If you cannot pull out your items on the auction day, we will keep them within 3 days.(Sunday not included).

    * After 3 days (from auction day), a STORAGE FEE of 100pesos a day will be automatically charged. (Maximum 2 additional days)

    Pullout Items