Auction Policy of ATC JAPAN AUCTION


  • REGISTRATION FEE - P3,000.00 , consumable / non-refundable.
  • Cash basis only.
  • Bidders must be 20 YEARS OLD and ABOVE to be able to participate in the auction.
  • 12% service charge will be automatically added to the commodity price.
  • Bidders with business permits/DTI have a 10% service charge added to the commodity price.
  • Bidders are given a FREE STORAGE for 3 DAYS after the auction day (Sunday not included).
  • After 3 days (from auction day), a STORAGE FEE of Php100.00 / DAY will be automatically charged. (Maximum 2 additional days)
  • In case of failure of pulling out items after 5 working days, Your Items will be CANCELLED and be subject for REBID.
    (Registration fee will be forfeited and will not be refunded as a penalty for not pulling out.)
  • Fully paid bidders will be refunded for the items bid (Except registration fee).
  • Failure to pull out will be recorded and will increase your registration fee to Php 5000.00
  • Failure to settle the bill within 2 weeks can result to an increase in registration fee or BANNING.
  • Cancellation of bid items is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Registered Members must first bid an item in order for them to join the raffle. Failure to bid will result in disqualification in the said raffle entries.
  • Taking pictures or videos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during auction.
  • Bidder number shall be surrendered at the cashier's office after every auction.
  • Do not leave your things unattended in the auction venue. The management is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the business premises.
  • Bidder numbers are for personal use only. In order for us to monitor your transactions safely, please don’t trade, lend, borrow or change your bidder numbers.
  • The management is not responsible for any damages due to car troubles and car accidents.
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